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Baptism Wall Crosses

When Jesus was baptized in the Jordan, He was submerged in the water and received new life as a foreshadowing of His final sacrifice on the cross. Thus we hang crosses in our homes to remember baptism and the Resurrection. A wall cross is a very suitable gift for a baptized child and will be remembered for many years to come. Catholic Faith Store offers a wide selection of crosses to commemorate baptism and all the sacraments.

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Baptism Wall Cross [CR1906]
4.73 (15)
Baby Girl Baptism Wall Cross - 10 inch [SNCR0046]
5.00 (18)
Noah's Ark Cross [AB3157]
5.00 (5)
Praying Girl Cross  6" [CRB0035]
5.00 (4)
Praying Girl Cross  4" [CRB0001]
5.00 (1)
Praying Boy Cross  6" [CRB0033]
5.00 (2)
Guardian Angel 6 [CRB0042]
4.67 (3)
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