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Baptism Jewelry

A baptism gift is easy to find when you incorporate the meaning and symbolize of the sacrament. A great baptism idea option is jewelry. Pick a baptism jewelry keepsake that can be cherished, worn and passed down in families as a beautiful heirloom of the faith. From delicate earrings, to ornate cross necklaces, these special pieces of jewelry are sure to be treasured! Check out the "Mom and me" items which are an extra special way to honor the family!

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Freshwater Pearl, Beads and Cross Baptism Bracelet
4.81 (26)
Girls Christening Bracelet to Wedding Hair Pin
4.70 (30)
Freshwater Pearl and Cross Baptism Bracelet
4.64 (11)
Pearl Keepsake Bracelet
5.00 (9)
Silver Cross Earrings
Irish Celtic Cross Baby Pin - Sterling Silver
4.93 (14)
Baby Cross Pendant - Sterling Silver
5.00 (1)
Miraculous Baby Pin - Sterling Silver and Blue
4.75 (4)
Baby Bracelet and Baby Necklace Jewelry Set - Gold and Pearl
5.00 (1)
Dove Earrings
5.00 (3)
Miraculous Baby Pin - Sterling Silver and Pink
Pearl Heart Baby Bracelet with Guardian Angel Charm
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