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Baptism Gift For Boy

A baby boy's christening day, how special indeed! A boy's baptism gift to honor the day is easy to find with our large selection of baby crosses, rosaries, booties, plaques and much more. These baptism gifts help your child remember the importance of the sacrament of baptism, when he became a member of the Body of Christ. Personalized baptism gifts are very popular, so look for the big E to find these engravable items.

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Protect This Child Cross with Baby Rosary Set - Boy
4.78 (46)
Boys Christening to Wedding Boutonniere
4.79 (34)
Baby Boy Rosary in Porcelain Rosary Box
4.89 (28)
For Very Special Boy Silver Plated Gift Cross
4.83 (24)
Baby Boy Pewter Cross
4.84 (25)
Godson Baptism Wall Cross - 6 inch
4.80 (10)
Grandson Baptism Wall Cross - 6 inch
4.94 (17)
Boys Irish Venise Cross & Green Shamrock Baptism Bib
4.89 (9)
Guardian Angel Cross with Baby Rosary Set - Boy
4.60 (10)
Irish Baptismal Prayer Print, Framed, For a Boy - 7 7/8"H
4.75 (4)
Praying Boy Pewter Cross - 6"
4.50 (8)
Heart Shaped Blue Glass Bead Baby Rosary
5.00 (4)
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