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Confirmation Lapel Pins

Lapel pins are a great way for our young people to proclaim their faith to the world and make for great Confirmation gift mementos too! From elegant images of the Holy Spirit as a dove, to Jerusalem Cross images, these are badges of honor for those who have received the special sacrament of Confirmation!

Did you know that the Jerusalem Cross, with five crosses in one, represents the five wounds of Christ? It is also the cross used by the first Crusaders who left their homes and families at the call of Pope Urban II to defend the Holy Land. This cross represents a willingness to defend all that is true and virtuous.

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Sponsor Pin
4.64 (14)
Confirmed in Christ Lapel Pin
4.56 (9)
Confirmation Lapel Pin
4.33 (3)
Gold Cross Tie Tac with Crystal
5.00 (6)
Dove Lapel (12 pieces per order)
Gold Cross Tie Tac with Ruby Accent
4.50 (2)
Cross with Holy Spirit Lapel Pin (12 pieces per order)
5.00 (3)
Tapered Cross Lapel Pin (12 per order)
5.00 (1)
Flame and Dove and Cross Lapel Pin (12 per order)
5.00 (1)
Cutout Dove Lapel Pin-Set of 12
4.00 (5)
Red Dove Lapel Pin (12 pieces per order)
5.00 (1)
Cross with Heart Lapel Pin
5.00 (1)
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