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Holy Epiphany Christmas Cards Boxed Set

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Set of 15 Christmas cards and 16 deluxe gold foil lined envelopes… More

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4.5" x 6.25"-1 box
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Holy Epiphany Christmas Cards Boxed Set

Set of 15 Christmas cards and 16 deluxe gold foil lined envelopes. Cards are boxed. Cards measure 4 1/2"x6 1/4" when folded.

Buy 2 Chirstmas Card box sets and save!  Select the SIZE dropdown and pick "2 per order".

Inside: Rejoice in the greatest gift of all, the eternal light of Christ! ... when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense and myrrh. (Matthew 2:11)

Back of Card: hile oftentimes conflicting lore muddles the story of the Magi, those bearing gifts for the Christ child in this icon are Caspar of Tarsus, Melchior of Arabia and Balthasar of Saba. Weary from desert travel, the Magi humbly offer their gifts. Caspar is young, European and offers gold. Gold finances the Holy Family's coming flight to Egypt and also symbolizes Christ's immortality and purity. For his generosity, Caspar receives the gifts of charity and spiritual wealth. Melchior is middle-aged, Persian and offers myrrh. Myrrh is a fragrant gum, which the ancient Israelites believed to strengthen children. This symbol of Christ's mortality was blended with wine and offered to him on the cross, and also mixed with aloes to wrap his body for the tomb. Melchior receives the gifts of humility and truth. Balthasar is elderly, Ethiopian and offers frankincense. Frankincense is a resin used in incense for worship and also symbolizes prayer and sacrifice. Balthasar receives the gift of Faith. And Christ, humbling himself to become man, offers us the greatest gift of all, the light that forever burns in the darkness.


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