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Saint Victor Necklace

Saint St. Victor Necklace


Saint Victor

Would that we could all be as fearless in our evangelization as St. Vincent of Marseilles! Invoke the prayers of St. Vincent to help you be a brave witness to the Faith in times of persecution and discrimination of Christians.

Vincent of Marseilles served in the Roman military under Maximian, in the third century. A Catholic who evangelized to all in the town where he was stationed, he visited his fellow Christians prior to a visit from the bloodthirsty Emperor, encouraging them to defend the Faith bravely as Maximian was coming to quash the spread of Catholicism in Gaul. Vincent suffered extreme torture in front of the whole city – dragged, beaten, racked – before imprisonment. While in prison, angels ministered to him, he sang joyful hymns to God, and a celestial light shone from his cell. He converted the three pagan guards stationed outside of his cell. Maximian ordered further grotesque public torture of not only Vincent but also of the three new Catholic guards. After surviving this treatment and insulting the Roman god Jupiter, they finally died martyrs' deaths by beheading. St. Vincent's tomb remained a popular pilgrimage site for centuries after his death.

St. Vincent's feast day is July 21. He is the patron saint of cabinetmakers, millers, torture victims, sick children, and against lightning.

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