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Saint John the Baptist Necklace

Saint John the Baptist was an itinerant preacher and prophet. He drew in large crowds of people who came to listen to him talk about repentance and how the kingdom of God was at hand. He is often considered to be a cousin of Jesus and is the patron saint of Jordan.

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We carry the follwoing types of St. John medals:

St. John, St. John Baptist de La Salle, St. John Berchmans, St. John Bosco Medal, St. John Chrysostom Medal, St. John Licci Medal, St. John Neumann, St. John of Capistrano, St. John of God Medal, St. John of the Cross Medal, St. John the Apostle Medal, St. John The Baptist Medal, St. John the Evangelist Medal, St. John Vianney Medal

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