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Saint Patrick Necklace

Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland and often considered to be the most popular saint. He devoted 40 years of his life preaching and converting Ireland, performing many miracles and writing about his love for God. He is also known as the Apostle of Ireland.

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Saint PatrickKidnapped from the British mainland around age 16, and shipped to Ireland as a slave. Sent to the mountains as a shepherd, he spent his time in prayer. After six years of this life, he had a dream in which he a command to return to Britain; seeing it as a sign, he escaped.  St. Patrick was sent by Pope Saint Celestine to evangelize England, then Ireland, during which his chariot driver was Saint Odran, and Saint Jarlath was one of his spiritual students. In 33 years he effectively converted the whole of Ireland. In the Middle Ages Ireland became known as the Land of Saints, and during the Dark Ages its monasteries were the great repositories of learning in Europe, all a consequence of Patrick's ministry.

Saint Patrick is the patron saint against fear of snakes; against snakes; excluded people.
Saint day is March 17th

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