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Saint Simon Necklace

Saint Simon Necklace


Saint Simon Medals

St. Simons discipleship' reveals that Jesus calls everyone to follow him, from all walks of life. If you don't know what vocation Jesus is calling you to, St. Simon's medal may be a daily reminder that regardless of the path, it must lead to Jesus!

The Bible doesn't provide any detail about St. Simon, other than the mention of his name four different times, and a qualifier: Simon the Zealot. There is much discussion about whether "zealot" refers to his passion for his Jewish faith or to his participation in an anti-Roman political party of the time. Regardless, he likely clashed with some of the other Apostles on some political and religious matters. This demonstrates that the Lord chooses each of us, with our unique lives and backgrounds, to serve in the way best suited to the way He made us. St. Simon was a martyr for the faith in Persia, where he evangelized after the death of Christ.

St. Simon is the patron saint of leather tanners, and his feast day is October 28.

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St. Simon Medal [EN6503]
St. Simon Medal [EN6503]
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