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Confirmation Gifts

Choosing the perfect Confirmation Gift

With the focus of Confirmation being on the Holy Spirit, any gift that has a dove will be a great option. The dove is the symbol of the Holy Spirit. Most Confirmandi will pick a patron saint name as their Confirmation name making patron saint rosaries or pendants an ideal way to celebrate and remember the celebration. A photo frame to keep the memory of this special sacrament is also appropriate.

Patron Saint Rosaries

Sports with Patron Saint Necklaces

Personalized Catholic Bibles

  • Choose your Color
  • Choose your Bible edition (RSV or NAB)
  • Option to personalize. Three lines of text at the bottom of the front cover. (additional fee)
  • Leather Cover measures 5" W x 6½" H x 1¼" D
  • Zipper enclosure with a gold miraculous medal pull
  • Comes shrink wrapped.

Patron Saint Crosses with Prayer Cards

Confirmation Gifts

In the early days of the Church, new disciples were baptized daily. But in Acts 8:16-17 we hear that the Holy Spirit did not come to them in the same special way the disciples received the Spirit at Pentecost. It was only when the bishops of the Church, the Apostles, laid their hands on these new followers of Jesus that they received the strength that comes from the Holy Spirit. Today, our young people receive the sacrament of Confirmation in this same way. The bishop, or his appointee, lays his hands on the Confirmandi and anoints his/her head with oil. Our young people receive special graces so they can go out into the world to defend the truth and explain their faith. During the process of preparing for this sacrament, they pick the names of saints they wish to emulate.

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