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Saint Michael Necklace

Saint Michael the archangel is the leader of all the angels in the army of God. In the Book of Revelation, he is said to lead God’s armies against Satan. Often invoked for protection against dangerous enemies, he is the patron saint of police and the patron saint of grocers.

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Saint MichaelIn the Epistle of Jude of the New Testament in verse 9, Michael disputes with Satan over the body of Moses. John's Book of Revelation also shows Michael fighting the seven-headed dragon, representative of Satan, in a battle in heaven.

St. Michael, the Archangel is the patron saint against temptations; also the protecting saint of ambulance drivers; artists; bakers; bankers; banking; battle; boatmen; In the Roman Calendar of the Saints, the feast, once widely known as Michaelmas, is celebrated September 29 and was one of the four Irish Quarter days on which accounts were settled and the third of the English quarter days when university terms began.

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