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Saint Joseph Necklace

Saint Joseph was the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus. He is often regarded as the patron saint of dying or a happy death because of the belief that he died in the presence of Jesus and Mary. He is also the patron saint of the universal church.

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Men's Large Saint Joseph Medal [CM2141]
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St. Joseph The Worker Medal [EN6349]
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St. Joseph of Arimathea Medal [EN6428]
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Men's St. Joseph  Medal [CM0905]
Men's Regal St. Joseph Medal [CM2132]
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Saint JosephSt. Joseph was known as the protector of the Holy Family.

The feast day of St. Joseph is celebrated on March 19th.

St. Joseph's Day commemorates the life of St. Joseph's the foster father of Jesus, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a descendant of David and a carpenter by trade. In many countries St. Joseph’s Day is a national holiday.

History of the St. Joseph Day Celebration
In Sicily During a famine when food was scarce and many people were starving, the poor people of Sicily had only their faith to rely on. With St. Joseph known as the protector of the Holy Family; talians with strong family relationships prayed for St. Joseph to intercede for them, in an effort to ensure successful crops. Their prayers were answered, and the famine came to an end. In gratitude, people promised to make annual offerings of their most precious possession – food – in St. Joseph's honor.

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