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Saint Thomas of Villanova Necklace

Saint St. Thomas of Villanova Necklace


Saint Thomas of Villanova

A student at this prestigious Catholic university would be honored to receive the gift of this medal of its patron saint, St. Thomas, to help him or her succeed in academic and spiritual growth.

St. Thomas, born in Spain in the 1400s, joined the ranks of the Augustinian order. He reluctantly accepted the position of Bishop of Valencia and immediately commenced reforming the diocese. He quickly set to work helping prostitutes to leave their desperate circumstances, caring for orphans, and opening a seminary. Despite the wealth around him, Thomas always chose austerity for himself and devoted himself to caring for the poor. He was a man of action in a time when his flock was in urgent need of solid spiritual and pastoral leadership and reform.

St. Thomas is the patron saint of Villanova University, and his feast day is September 22.

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St. Thomas of Villanova Medal [EN6432]
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