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Saint Thomas Aquinas Wall Cross in Pewter 5 Inches

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5" H



About this Saint Thomas Aquinas Wall Cross in Pewter 5 Inches

This wall cross with an image of Saint Thomas Aquinas in the center includes a prayer card that reads;

Give me a sharp sense of
understanding, a retentive
memory, and the ability to
grasp things correctly and
fundamentally. Grant me
the talent of being exact in
my explanations, and the
ability to express myself
with thoroughness and
charm. Point out the
beginning, direct the
progress, help in the
completion. Through Christ
Our Lord, Amen.

Great Confirmation gift idea.

Saint Thomas Aquinas is the patron saint of Catholic Universities, Clear Weather, Pencil Makers, Scholars, Schools, Students, Theologians.

  • Image of Saint in the Center Medallion
  • Includes Cross and Prayer Card
  • Wall Cross is 5 Inches High, Prayer Card 2" x 3.5"
  • Made of Pewter with Cut Out Design
  • Symbols include Chi Rho Cross, Holy Spirit Dove, Bible, Lamb of God
  • Comes boxed in a clear acetate box
  • Made in the USA. Hand crafted.