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Round St. John the Evangelist Medal with Prayer Card

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3/4" Diameter



About this Round St. John the Evangelist Medal with Prayer Card

The St. John the Evangelist pendant is paired with a plastic laminated prayer card.  This medallian shows a image of St. John holding the gospel with a beautiful eagle looking on. The pendant has the following features;

  • The pendant is round in shape.
  • The center of the medallion has an image of St. John the Evangelist.
  • The outer raised border of the medal are the words SAINT JOHN  PRAY FOR US.
  • The back of the medal is plain.
  • The pendant measures 3/4" in diameter.
  • This medallion is paired with a 24" endless stainless steel heavt curb chain.
  • The medal is made of pewter.
  • This medallion is made in the USA.
  • The thoughtfully illustrated St. John the Evangelist prayer card is laminated in protective plastic and measures 4.5" x 2.5".  The prayer card has an image of St. John the Evangelist at the foot of his Master's  Cross where he stayed until the Lord's passing.  At the bottom of the card appear the words St. John.  The back of the card has a prayer to Saint John the Evangelist.

Prayer reads:


Feast Day: December 27
God, our Father, You have
revealed the mysteries of Your
word through John the apostle.
By prayer and reflection may we
come to understand the wisdom
he taught.
We ask this through Jesus
Christ, your Son, our Lord, Who
lives and reigns with You and
the Holy Spirit, one God, forever
and ever. Amen.

John, the apostle and evangelist, a virgin
chosen by the Lord, was loved by the
Lord above the others.  While dying on
the cross, Christ entrusted His virgin
mother to John.


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