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Cathedral Scapular Medal Sterling Silver Necklace

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7/8" H

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Cathedral Scapular Medal Sterling Silver Necklace

We love the concept of this Scapular medal! The design is in the shape of a Cathedral window. Inside the "window" is a lovely image of Christ.

This Scapular Medal is made of Sterling Silver and comes with a genuine Rhodium Plated Stainless Steel Chain. Comes in a lovely gift box.

7/8" medal, 18" chain

Please note the dimensions of the medal include the top of the eyelet through which the jump ring attaches - the chain passes through the jump ring.

This medal is made of only the finest materials available and the magnificent design has been hand sculpted by master die makers in the early 1900's. The true craftsmanship of these artisans is almost a lost art and can not be replicated at the present time.

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