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Black Wood Confirmation Rosary







About this Black Wood Confirmation Rosary

This is a standard five decade Confirmation Rosary that features 5mm black wood beads and a silver plated crucifix and dove centerpiece that represents the Holy Spirit. This Confirmation rosary comes in a gift box.

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How to Pray The Rosary

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4.25Rated 4.25 from 4 reviews
5 04/27/2015George from Hingham, MA - Verified Customer
5 04/24/2013Vincent from Houston, TX - Verified Customer
2 01/20/2012Jim from Millersville, MD - Verified Customer

"Black Wood" is not real wood and is a synthetic plastic. Detail on medal and crucifix is nice.

5 05/19/2011Frances from Reno, NV - Verified Customer


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