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Detachable Infant Jesus and Crib

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About this Detachable Infant Jesus and Crib

This baby Jesus and crib is perfect for a nativity set.  Each piece is made of resin and hand painted.  The measurements listed are for the infant and the manger is slightly larger.  The 6" will work best with a 27" scale nativity set.   Sold in various sizes 4", 6", 8" and 12".

Resin / Hand painted.  Imported.

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4.50Rated 4.50 from 4 reviews
4 11/16/2018Mary from Minnetonka, MN - Verified Customer

It was a little smaller than I expected. I was trying a missing Christ child in the manger from an existing creche set I own. But, I will make it work.

4 12/09/2015Kathleen from Barrington, NH - Verified Customer

The infant was a bit too small for my purposes, but we have put him on a bookcase so He is kept in mind during these days of Advent. Sometimes the faces on these little statues are rather ugly, but this one was very attractive .

5 12/31/2012Susan from Fort Collins, CO - Verified Customer
5 12/11/2012Richard from Hudson, MI - Verified Customer

Very nice addition to our Christmas


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