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Church Size Nativity Set in Ivory 27 Inch 8 Pieces

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27" Scale


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Church Size Nativity Set in Ivory 27 Inch 8 Pieces

An ivory nativity set is spectacular in its simplicity and elegance.  The large scale set includes the 8 pieces shown in the main product image.  Please call us for assistance as we're happy to help with such a special purchase!

The set is complete with 8 figures including The Holy Family, The Three Kings, Gloria Angel, and a Camel.

The nativity figurines are made of a quality resin stone and have a natural ivory stone finish. Beautiful detailing is apparent throughout from delicate hands to fine facial expressions. A nativity set to treasure for years to come and worth the investment.

The nativity can be purchased either as a complete set as shown in the main product image, or as individual pieces. The configuration priced here includes the following pieces;

  • The Holy Family (Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus)
  • The Three Kings (African Wise Man, Praising Wise Man, Kneeling Wise Man)
  • Gloria Angel
  • The Camel

Included in this set:

Approx. Weight
16" H 9" W 7½" D
6 lbs
27½" H x 10¾" W x 8¾" D
10 lbs
Baby Jesus
6¼" H x 7¾" W x 5" D
2 lbs
African Wise Man
26" H x 16" W x 10" D
15 lbs
Praising Wise Man
25¾" H 11½" W 11½" D
14.5 lbs
Kneeling Wise Man
16½" H x 11½" W x 13" D
8 lbs
Gloria Angel
30" H x 14" W x 7" D
7.7 lbs
14" H x 21" W x 8" D
10 lbs

Due to the size and weight of these statues, we ask that you call for a shipping quote.

Additional pieces can be purchased including drummer boy, shepherd & lamb, a donkey and an ox.

Additional Pieces (NOT included):

Approx. Weight
Drummer Boy
23½" H x 10" W x 8½" D
10.3 lbs
Shepherd Boy & Lamb
23¾" H x 12¼" W x 9" D
10.3 lbs
13" H x 20" W x 11½" D
8 lbs
13" H x 22" W x 12" D
4 lbs
Lamb Pair
14½" H x 10¾" W x 4½" D
2 lbs
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