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Army Medals

When your job is to keep the peace and win wars, a little help from above is definitely needed! Gift an army devotional medal to the man or woman in your life who puts their life on the line to keep this country safe.

Whether you are part of the Army Special force, the Infantry Division or the Airborne Brigade wearing an Army pendant will not only fill you with a sense of national pride but with spiritual connectedness too!

We carry a wide range of Catholic Army jewelry for both men and women in different sizes and shapes. Pick your patron saint of protection, either Saint Christopher, Saint Michael, Saint George or Saint Joan of Arc.

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Guardian Angel Army Medal [CM2188]
4.25 (4)
St. Christopher Army Medal [BM0695]
5.00 (1)
St. Christopher Army Medal [BM0694]
5.00 (1)
St. Michael Army Medal [BM0749]
5.00 (8)
St. Michael Army Medal [EN6182]
5.00 (3)
St. Joan of Arc Army Medal [EN6131]
4.00 (1)
St. George Army Medal [EN6086]
5.00 (8)
Guardian Angel Army Medal [EN6249]
5.00 (5)

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