Choosing a Gift for First Communion

After being baptized, there is perhaps no more important day in a person’s life than when they receive the Eucharist for the first time. The Catechism of the Catholic Church calls the Eucharist “The source and summit of the Christian life”, saying that all other aspects of our faith life should be oriented toward it. St. Thomas Aquinas said that the Eucharist is the
“Consummation of the whole spiritual life”.

With first communion being such a big event, it makes sense that people spend a lot of time and thought trying to come up with the perfect gift for first communion! Here are some ideas to help you with choosing a first communion gift.

What is an Appropriate Gift for a First Communion?

Your first communion is a big step in your faith journey. Appropriate gifts reflect the importance of this occasion and help grow the Christian faith life of a first communicant. Ideas for something like this include a personalized gift box commemorating the date of first communion, or a rosary made with the birth stone of the child’s birth month. A personalized gift box memorializes the date of the occasion as well as holding other gifts like prayer cards, medals, or a rosary. Praying the rosary is a wonderful way for a child to mature in their faith.

What is the Average Gift for First Communion?

The most common gift given for first communion is actually the simplest: money. More creative ideas are personalized medals, crucifixes, or rosaries. Personalized gifts help the recipient remember the occasion more vividly!

What is a Common Communion Gift?

A common communion gift is a prayer book, which can be personalized. Another common gift is a medal of the communicant’s patron saint. This gift can also be engraved to make it more special.

Is Money a Good First Communion Gift?

Money is always welcome as a gift, and it can be appropriate when you don’t know the recipient very well, making a personalized gift difficult to choose. However, it will be more memorable to give a gift reflecting time and thought; something they can cherish and & remember their first communion with, while also growing in their faith with. An example of this could be a small statue of a patron saint. For more ideas, follow this link to Eight Gift Ideas For First Communion.

How Much do You Put in a Communion Card?

If you must give cash, an appropriate amount is between $20-50, along with a short note of congratulations for the important event.