Leprechauns Know Where the Real Treasure is Located!

My mom is 87 years old and she’s a “leprechaun!”

The story starts many years ago…

When she had six little kids at home, Mary Costello pulled out a “Wearin’ Green” box every year during this week preceding St. Patrick’s Day. Whether we liked it or not, each of her children wore wide green belts, green hats, green buttons and green necklaces to school. And St. Patrick’s Day had a certain kind of “magic” to it!

After all her wee ones grew up and left home, Mary and a neighbor, who also had six kids, would visit and swap their green items.

Then Mrs. Ryan got sick. Mom bought a big “cat in the hat” hat, stripped knee-hi’s, floppy felt shoes, and shamrock pins. She brought these items to Mrs. Ryan to cheer her up. When Mrs. Ryan died, Mom boxed up those thing and her Paddy days seemed to have ended.

Then last year she brought them out again to show her Jazzercise teacher. (Yes, not only is she an 87 year old leprechaun but she jumps around on a regular basis!) Pictures were taken. The local priest discovered the secret identity of his parishioner. And presto—treasures have been discovered. The rainbow has an end!

Here’s the conversation between the priest and the leprechaun. It happened just this week:

“Praised be to God, this is a mite beautiful place!” the leprechaun said looking around the Church. She seems to know just where to go. Before the tabernacle the one in green bows low. “Heavenly Day! There it tis!”

“Oh,I hear someone coming. I’ll act casual.”

Father has come out of the door near the sanctuary only to discover a creature in a tall green hat who looks a lot like Mary Costelly. “Ah, so you’re the leprechaun of Cork Hill! What are you doing there? I understand that leprechauns know all about treasure. Is that true?”

“Ayah!  I don’t share my treasure information with everyone. But I know y’er a special one—the pastor of the Cork Hill Parish himself. I fear I cannot hide from you any longer.”

The leprechaun looks furtively toward the tabernacle and then says slowly, “Well, treasure is always adorned in gold. Here, in that box, hidden inside, is the greatest treasure of all the world. It’s a wee house it is, but inside is the King of kings. He’s right there! Isn’t it a wonder?”

“A wonder indeed! Thank you for sharing. It is sad to me that this seems to be a secret from so many. Do you know why they don’t recognize the real treasure when it is right in front of them?”

“Oh don’t be sad, good Father. We’ll spread the word together. I happen to know this treasure will last forever and ever, so I won’t keep it a secret anymore! Good day to you now Father. And may the luck of the Irish be with you!”