Prayers to Saint Catherine of Siena


Saint Catherine of Siena was a great philosopher and theologian and is considered a Doctor of the Church. is the patron saint of fire prevention, illness, miscarriage, Europe and nurses. At the age of 6, a vision of the Lord came to her and she became very spiritual. She died at the early age of 33 and was canonized in 1461. In 1970, Pope Paul VI granted her the title of Doctor of the Church.

Prayer to Saint Catherine of Siena

Humble virgin and
Doctor of the Church,
in thirty-three years
you ahieved great perfection
and became the counselor of Popes.
You know the temptations of mothers
today as well as the dangers
that await unborn infants.
Intercede for me
that I may avoid miscarriage
and bring forth a healthy baby
who will become a true child of God.
Also pray for all mothers,
that they may not resort to abortion
but help bring a new life
into the world.
Saint Catherine of Siena

Saint Catherine of Siena

Saint Catherine of Siena is the
Patron Saint of Italy. She was
born Catherine Benincasa in
Siena in 1347. At an early age
she joined the Third Order of
Saint Dominic in which she
gained a reputation for great
sanctity. Recognizing her holiness
and wisdom many followed her
leadership in her devotion to the
poor. She labored incessantly and
with fiery zeal for the unity of the
Church and was a devoted
champion of the Papacy
She dies in Rome in 1380 after a
remarkable life, leaving a legacy of
outstanding spiritual treatises. Saint 
Catherine was canonized in 1461; her
Feast occurs on April 29.

Saint Catherine of Siena

Saint Catherine of Siena

Most Holy Spirit,
source of unity in the Blessed
Trinity, through the prayers of 
Saint Catherine, may the Church
always be a sign of unity in faith
and morals under the
leadership of the Holy Father, 
the divinely chosen authority who
speaks in the name os Jesus
Christ. Who with the Father
and the Son lives and reigns

Saint Catherine of Siena
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