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Prayers to Saint James

St. James the Greater is said to be the first apostle to join Jesus. He is the patron saint against arthritis and Spain. 


Prayers to Saint Thomas

Saint Thomas the Apostle is the patron saint of Architects and the Blind. Thomas first did not believe of the resurrection of Jesus, until he saw and touched the nail wounds. When offered, he refused and said “My Lord and My God!”


Prayers to Saint Peter the Apostle

Saint Peter the Apostle is the patron saint of Butchers and Fisherman. He is most known for his three-time denial to Jesus and as the Church’s first pope. He was crucified upside down for his beliefs 


Prayers to Saint Paul

Saint Paul is the patron saint of Publishers and Reporters. St. Paul is one of the twelve apostles and considered one of the most important of the apostles.


Origins and History of the Catholic Church

According to the 2017 Annuario Pontifico (Pontifical Yearbook), there are about 1.287 billion Catholics in the world in 2015. As a major world religion, the Catholic Church provides many interesting insights into the religious history of the world. We, as members of the Catholic Faith, will find it useful to know about the history of the Catholic Church so that we can better appreciate its teachings and traditions.


Feast of the Assumption of Mary, August 15th

Feast of the Assumption of Mary. August 15th. A Holy Day of Obligation Imagine being one of those in the early Church. You know Mary, the Mother of Our Lord because she goes from table to table at dinner; quietly ministering to everyone…she radiates such a deep strength that simply seeing her face inspires peace. […]

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