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Madonna del Ghisallo Medal

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Madonna del Ghisallo

If you have a loved one who is a frequent flyer or is on the road regularly, consider blessing that person with a medal of the Madonna del Ghisallo to protect that person in his travels. Likewise, serious cyclist friends may be familiar with the famous story of how Our Lady became such a revered figure in the professional cycling world.

Our Lady has come to the aid of many devout Catholics in dire straits. One such supplicant was the Italian Count Ghisallo, who was running for his life from a band of bandits in the mountains, when he spotted a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary and immediately pleaded with her to intercede for his welfare. Our Blessed Mother indeed intercepted the robbery, and the statue where the Count prayed became a popular pilgrimage site for travelers praying for safety.

In later years, cyclists began frequenting the spot as they rode through the mountain passes on training runs. So many cyclists, famous and ordinary alike, left mementos and biking paraphernalia for Our Lady that the erection of a museum became necessary to house the many items. A sports enthusiast himself, Pope John Paul II received an Eternal Flame relayed by cyclists from the Ghisallo Chapel to the Vatican. Cyclists continue to venerate the Madonna del Ghisallo at her Chapel and to visit the museum to this day.

La Madonna del Ghisallo, this apparition of our Blessed Mother, is the patroness of travelers and cyclists. Her feast day is November 2 (also All Souls' Day).

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