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Men's Rosaries

Looking for a men's rosary? We carry many men’s rosaries including beads in varying shapes such as oval, round, and unique carved wood. Choose a rosary for a man in pewter, sterling silver, wood or gold. The rosary colors include dark green, silver, black and shades of brown.

The signature characteristics of a Catholic Men’s Rosary are that the beads will be larger than 6mm, the bead will generally be a darker color, or made of wood, and the crucifix will be larger. As a man’s rosary can come in many shapes and styles selecting a rosary will come down to personal preference.

Find the perfect men’s Catholic rosary for yourself or as a handsome sacramental gift including as a wedding gift idea, RCIA gift, First Communion gift, Confirmation gift or a memorable birthday gift. A men’s rosary to treasure!

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