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Our Lady of La Salette Medal

Our Lady of La Salette


Our Lady of La Salette Necklace

In the mid-1800s, Our Lady appeared to two rather typical young rural French children, from families who were not devout in any way. As the children were caring for their flocks, the appearance of a beautiful woman, head buried in her hands and sobbing while sitting on a rock, startled them. The Lady calmed them and explained why she was weeping: the profligate taking of her son, Jesus's, name in vain, and the disregard for Sunday as a day of worship and rest were two particular sorrows which plagued her heart.

She prophesied many future events and asked the children to pray and make sacrifices for the sins of the world. The children spoke widely of their encounter and spread Our Lady's messages as she had requested. A spring of water began to flow from the rock on which Our Lady sat, crying. Many miracles have occurred at the location, and many today recall the prophesies of Our Lady as our world and our Church are under attack.

A medal of our Lady of La Salette is a reassuring gift for those who worry about the future of our world, who diligently pray and sacrifice to make reparation for all of our sins.

The feast day of Our Lady of Salette is September 19.


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