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Our Lady of Loretto Medal

Our Lady of Loretto


Our Lady of Loretto Necklace

Our Lady of Loretto honors the specific house of the Holy Family: the house where Mary was born, where the angel Gabriel visited Mary, and where Mary, Joseph, and Jesus lived later.

This house has a miraculous history, which has been investigated and approved by the Vatican, and a medal bearing Mary's image as Our Lady of Loretto will be a blessing to anyone in the airline industry or who travels frequently. Our Lady of Loreto's home is certainly well-traveled itself!

St. Helena (Emperor Constantine's mother) built a basilica over the holy home of the Holy Family as a way to honor and protect the house in 313. The house itself survived numerous attacks over the centuries, as Crusades and wars were fought in the vicinity. When Crusaders finally lost and left the Holy Land to the Muslims in 1291, the small home literally left, too. Shepherds in the Mediterranean witnessed its flight, borne by the hands of angels, over the Adriatic Sea, and they eventually situated the home in Italy. The dimensions and architecture of the home match precisely the original home in the Holy Land, and, interestingly, the lack of a foundation under the house illustrates that it was literally placed on top of the ground.

Many miracles have occurred and continue to occur thanks to the intercession of Our Lady of Loretto. The feast day of Our Lady of Loretto is December 10.


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