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Saint Ronan Rosaries

Saint Ronan

A popular name and saint among Irish Catholics, a rosary with a Saint Ronan centerpiece is a prayerful reminder that withdrawing from the world and the desire for human respect is healthy for our spiritual life. St. Ronan's renown began with his excellent shepherding of his diocese as a bishop in Ireland. But Ronan believed that removing himself from society completely would help him to attain a closer relationship with God. He emigrated to France and lived as a hermit, but, as often happens, locals took an interest in him and visited him in his cave. One local man, in particular, was so taken with Ronan's holiness that the man's wife became jealous and started a campaign to ruin Ronan's character. The Lord worked to restore Ronan's reputation through miracles, including resurrecting the daughter killed by Ronan's obsessed fan. Continually plagued by this same man, Ronan escaped the area and died of natural causes. St. Ronan is the patron saint of Locronan (meaning "place of Ronan) in France, and his feast day is June 1.


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