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Saint Timothy Necklace

Saint Timothy


Saint Timothy

When you wear a Saint Timothy medal necklace do you know his significance? Pope St. John Paul II and subsequent popes have encouraged us to participate in the New Evangelization. Reaching out to fallen away Catholics can seem difficult, but the story of Saint Timothy can embolden and inspire us in our modern-day quest to call the baptized back to One True Faith.

St. Timothy plays prominently in the New Testament. Born of a Jewish woman, he likely converted to Christianity when St. Paul traveled to his hometown of Lystra to preach. When Paul returned to the same city a second time, he asked Timothy to accompany him on his travels to spread the Gospel. Eventually consecrated a priest, Timothy was the first bishop of Ephesus (in the Roman Empire) and co-author of several books of the New Testament. St. John Damascene recorded several hundred years later that Timothy was one of the two witnesses of The Blessed Mother's Assumption into Heaven (the other being John). Timothy suffered from poor health and frailty, prompting St. Paul to write to him, "Stop drinking water only; take a little wine for the good of your stomach and your frequent illnesses.” (I Timothy 5:23). In 97 AD, Timothy died a martyr.

The feast day of St. Timothy is January 26, and he is the patron saint against stomach and intestinal disorders.

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