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Dark Cherry Sick Call Crucifix Set - 10 inch

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Dark Cherry Sick Call Crucifix Set - 10 inch

This is a beautifully crafted dark cherry sick call crucifix, finished with a museum gold plated corpus. This item is a great addition to any loving, religious home. This set comes fully equipped with a holy water bottle and two candles for daily prayer. The crucifix acts as a box for easy storage.

The set is sent in a deluxe gift box and is proudly made in the USA.

  • The top of the crucifix measures 8” long, by 4” wide.
  • The corpus measures 3 ⅝” long, by 3 ¼” wide.
  • The entire box measures 10” long, by 6” wide.
  • The candles measure 2 ⅕”, the diameter is ½”, and the circumference is 1.6”
  • The bottle measures 1 ⅛” in length, the diameter is ½”, the circumference is 1.6”, and the bottle holds 0.13 inch3 of holy water.

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