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From wall crucifixes to children's crosses. We carry so many beautiful Catholic crosses & crucifixes to fill your home with faith.

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We carry a beautiful assortment of baptism gifts for the baptized child, godparents and more.


So many wonderful rosaries to add to the power of your prayers. Ghirelli to Papal for women, men and children.

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For all of your First Communion apparel and gifts. Dresses, plus-size & designer communion dresses.

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What Can Saint Isidore the Farmer Teach Us?

The patron saint of farmers was a lousy farmer? How is that possible? The life of Saint Isidore the Farmer is a vivid reminder that the Lord works in mysterious ways. What are the four most important lessons we can learn from this ordinary man who became the extraordinary patron saint of farmers, peasants, day laborers, rural communities?

The Story of Saint Isidore

Saint Isidore is the patron saint of farmers and rural communities. Born in Madrid, Spain, in the year 1110, he came from a poor family and spent many years working as a farm hand on the De Vargas estate beginning from his childhood. Isidore was very prayerful and devoted to attending Mass and receiving the Holy Eucharist.

How to Keep the Faith Alive in Catholic Youth After Confirmation

What can we do to keep the Holy Spirit alive and well in our young Catholics? It will take more than tut-tutting and finger-wagging. Keep in mind that using your authority to enforce the faith may very well backfire. Embracing the Holy Spirit on their own, both in Confirmation and beyond is the goal.

A good place to start is to engage young Catholic child in activities that help them exercise the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit that had been bestowed upon them in Confirmation.



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