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Mens Wood Rosary

Looking for a rosary as a personal devotional or a special occasion gift?

The number of rosary beads for sale can become overwhelming as there are lots of choices when shopping online. But don’t worry, we’re here to help!

Is quality important to you? Our rosaries won’t let you down as we source from the finest suppliers, most of which are in the USA or Italy. No more rosaries breaking apart!

Not sure what type of bead to purchase? Focus on how you want the beads to feel in your hands and how the beads make you "feel". Wood rosaries will provide a smooth comfortable feel through your fingers. A beautiful blue crystal bead will shimmer and delight the eyes.

Not sure what size bead? Most children’s rosaries are between 3 mm and 5mm. Women’s range from 5mm to 8 mm with the average being 6mm. Men’s beads tend to be a bit larger starting at 7mm and up.


Personalized Rosary Beads

What about style? There are some who prefer a simple, more rustic look and feel to their rosaries. We find men, in general, prefer a natural and masculine look. Many rosaries are very elegant and made with the finest materials of sterling silver, crystals and pearls. Others prefer rosaries that are designed with a special devotion, such as the Miraculous Mary, a Patron Saint, or a special event.

Is it a special occasion? If you are shopping for a rosary that is to be gifted on Mother’s Day or First Communion, then an elegant rosary of fine Swarovski crystals or detailed capped beads is ideal.

Don't forget. The rosary is so much more than just an ordered set of prayers and beads. This is a powerful gift from our heavenly Mother Mary. The Rosary is a powerful form of prayer in the Catholic Faith and a sacramental aid. The Rosary leads us into prayer and a deeper relationship with Jesus and Mary. They allow us to meditatively reflect on the life of Jesus, especially as His life impacted Mary. His mother was the first tabernacle of the Word Made Flesh.

Remember Mary POWERFUL words; “To all those who shall recite my Rosary devoutly, I promise my special protection and very great graces”.


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