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Crosses and Crucifxes

As Catholics we hang wall crucifixes in our homes and in our places of worship to remind us that Christ suffered and died for our salvation. A crucifix is very specifically a wall cross that includes a three dimensional image of the body of Christ (a corpus). Many Catholics will keep a wall crucifix in their home and more often than not, more than one. Catholic shoppers purchase wall crucifix as religious gifts because they are highly symbolic and a lovely decorative addition to your home. Crosses and crucifixes are very commonly given as wedding crosses, new home gifts, or a children’s crosses to place in their room. Our crosses are beautiful! We offer dozens of styles and sizes to choose from. Many of our crosses and crucifixes are crafted by artisans in Italy and the USA.

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Tomaso Gift Cross Graduation [CR3928]
5.00 (3)
RCIA Wall Cross by Tomaso [CR3962]
4.96 (25)
Baby Boy Baptism Wall Cross - 10 inch [SNCR0045]
4.83 (42)
Baby Girl Baptism Wall Cross - 10 inch [SNCR0046]
5.00 (19)
Antiqued Gold Crucifix 20“H [RM0295]
5.00 (10)
Fleur de Lis Cross [TGS0044]
5.00 (14)
First Communion Boy's Maple Wood Cross - 10 inch [SNCR0038]
4.88 (8)
Confirmation Maple Wood Cross - 10 inch [SNCR0039]
4.83 (6)
RCIA Cherry Overlay Cross [CR3509]
4.57 (7)
San Damiano Cross - 18 inch [RM0290]
5.00 (5)
Wedding Cross 8“ [CR4057]
Wedding Cross 8" [CR4057]
$45.99 Ships Free
5.00 (3)
Holy Spirit Crucifix [CRX3818]
4.80 (10)
First Communion Girl's Cross - 10 inch [SNCR0041]
4.82 (11)
Praying Girl Cross  6“ [CRB0035]
5.00 (6)
Celtic Wall Crucifix 8 inch [CRX3863]
5.00 (5)
First Communion Tomaso Cross  [CR1901]
5.00 (4)

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