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The Communion of Saints

Saints Petition the Lord on Our Behalf

With over 1200 rosaries dedicated to specific patron saints, you are sure to find what you are looking for right here at Catholic Faith Store! These rosaries are dedicated to specific saints who can inspire and guide us. They were people who lived imperfect lives just like us. In fact, some were sinful — like St. Peter when he denied Jesus three times. But once they acknowledged God’s grace and mercy, the saints devoted their lives to serving Him.

In this selection you will find patron saint rosaries that correspond with many birth names and Confirmation names. There are also saints who have been designated as helpers for specific concerns, such as St. Lucy who is the patron saint for eye problems.

The saint rosaries have a centerpiece medal dedicated to the saint. Some have special crosses, colors or additions that identify the rosary with a specific saint. Praying with these rosaries is a way of asking for saintly intercession.

Each saint has a rich life to learn from and many of our saints are specifically inclined to help with your need be it mental health, employment, a stronger spiritual life, a more unified family, a safe pregnancy and more. Patron saint rosaries offer the devout Catholic a supernatural protection against evil through prayer. We believe in the Communion of Saints and that our saints can intercede to God on our behalf.



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