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Patron Saint Necklaces

Protect & Intercede

The Communion of Saints

Patron Saint Jewelry - Saints Petition the Lord on Our Behalf

Wearing a patron saint necklace has a very special meaning.  It is a common practice for a Catholic (and other Christians) to wear a necklace with a Saint's image as it serves as a sacramental of great spiritual importance. Patron saint jewelry is a very powerful way to channel protection and for help in our time of need. We are also reminded to act with mercy and to love the Lord our God. Young Catholics choose their patron saint at Confirmation and these pendants make for the ideal gift. 

Remind yourself to follow in the footsteps of your favorite patron saint by wearing a medal with their image and intercession request. Saint Christopher Necklace for travel, or Saint Michael Necklace for protection, St. Benedict Necklace to ward off temptation and evil, St. Anne Necklace as the patron of mothers, St. Rita Necklace for those with difficult marriages. 

Each saint has a rich life to learn from and many of our saints are specifically inclined to help with your need be it mental health, employment, a stronger spiritual life, a more unified family, a safe pregnancy and more. Patron saint medals offer the devout Catholic a supernatural protection against evil. We believe in the Communion of Saints and that our saints can intercede to God on our behalf.



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