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Our Lady of Guadalupe with Child Statue 32"

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About this Our Lady of Guadalupe with Child Statue 32"

Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to Juan Diego to offer the people of Mexico faith, hope, and consolation.  In this elegant statue, the Virgin Mother is portrayed in the classic image of our Lady of Guadalupe where she stands upon the moon, wearing a robe of stars and garments of royal colors.  At 32 inches tall she is truly magnificent! 

  • The statue is made of a resin stone mix.
  • Her dimensions are 32"H 13.5"W 7.5"D.
  • The weight of the statue is approximately 13.5 lbs.

NOTE: This is a resin statue. In freezing snow and rain it is advised to cover the statue with a tarp or take indoors. As with any resin statue, they are prone to cracking in icy conditions. We are not responsible for any weather-related damage.

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