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Divine Mercy Statue - 6.5"H

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6.5" H



About this Divine Mercy Statue - 6.5"H

This is a beautiful Divine Mercy Statue from the Bellavista Collection. Divine Mercy is made of high quality resin and stands 6.5"H.

These striking figures were inspired in the carving style and in the color tones by the old masters of northern Italy, where the crafting of sacred art and sculpture is a way of life. The beautiful faces, traditional colors, and the marvelous attention to detail will capture the buyer's heart.

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4.00Rated 4.00 from 1 review
4 04/01/2016 - Verified Customer

everything was good about the statue but just one thing that bothered me was that the rays of Jesus were on the wrong sides. the red ray is supposed to be on the left and blue on the right.


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