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St. George Statue 3.5"

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About this St. George Statue 3.5"

This small St. George statue depicts the Saint's legendary slaying of a dragon. St. George was a notable Roman soldier but when he refused the Emperor's request to make a sacrifice to the Roman gods because he was a Christian and follower of Jesus Christ. George was tortured and executed for his belief. Many pray to St. George for courage and protection.

  • St. George is the patron saint of England and Chivalry.
  • This statue is sold along with a St. George prayer card.
  • The gift box contains a prayer to St. George on the front and the story of St. George on the back.

Prayer to St. George

Prayer to St. George

O God, the merits
and prayers of Your
Blessed Martyr George
are a source of
happiness for us.
Grant us a
gift of grace the
blessings we seek
through him.
Almighty God,
we humbly ask (make
request here) through
the intercession of St.
George that we may live
a life pleasing to You,
and receive the favors
we ask, if they are for
our good.

Exclusively by Roman.

Story of St. George

St. George
Patron Saint of England, Chivalry (Fourth Century)

Saint George is best known from the story of the "golden Legend".  He is usually pictured killing a dragon to save a beautiful lady.  According to legend a dragon lived in a lake near Sylene, Libya.  It terrorized the local pagan town.  Many soldiers and armies fought against the dragon, but failed to defeat this fierce and monstrous beast.  The people began to offer up sheep to placate it.  As sheep became scarce, maidens were substituted for the sheep and sacrificed to the dragon.  When St. George came to this land he heard that a princess was to be sacrificed to the terrible creature.  Quickly he crossed himself and went to battle against the dragon killing it with one strike of his lance thus saving the fair maiden.  because of this miracle, St. George was held high in reverence converting many of the people to Catholicism.  He was given a large reward from the King of the land but he gave it to the poor of the land and then rode away.

The Dragon is symbolic of satan and the forces of evil.  The Princess represents the Christian Church.  This is the reason St. George is the patron against evil and a promoter of chivalry.  He became a patron on horseback to many area of defense.

St. George is the defender of the Christian faith.  he was martyred c. 304 at Lydda, Palestine under the rule of the Emperor Dioclesian, who greatly persecuted the Christians.

Feast Day: April 23

Exclusively by Roman.

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