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St. Rita Statue 3.5"

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3 1/2" x 1 1/4"


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About this St. Rita Statue 3.5"

St. Rita Statue is small but has lovely details. She is portrayed holding a cross and wearing a black nun's habit. St. Rita is the patron saint of abused women, marital problems and impossible causes. We pray to St. Rita for her intercession. We ask her to help us - pray for us St. Rita!

  • St. Rita is the patron saint of impossible causes.
  • This is statue is sold along with a St. Rita prayer card.
  • The gift box contains a prayer to St. Rita the front and the story of St. Rita on the back.

St. Rita Prayer

Prayer to St. Rita

Prayer in honor of St. Rita

O God, who didst vouchsafe
to communicate so great
grace to Saint Rita that she
imitated Thine example in
the love of enemies and
bore in her heart and on her
countenance the sacred
marks of Thy love and
passion: grant, we beseech
Thee, by her merits and
intercession, that we may
love our enemies and ever
contemplate with deep
contrition the sorrows of
Thy Passion: who livest and
reignest world without end.

Exclusively by Roman.

Story of St. Rita

St. Rita
Patron Saint of Impossible Causes
(1381 - 1457)

As a young girl, Rita was very interested in joining Augustinian nuns at Cascia and devoting her life to Christ.  However, at age 12 she was betrothed and for nearly 20 years, she was married to an abusive man who mistreated her often.  Her husband died at the hands of enemies, and although Rita's sons were initially intent upon avenging their father's death, their hearts were changed because of their mother's prayers.  After the death of her husband and subsequent deaths of her sons, Rita again felt a calling to religious life.  Because some of the sisters were relatives of her husband's murderers, Rita was denied entry, out of concern that her admission would disrupt the religious community.  As with all of the challenges of her life, Rita responded with fervent prayer.  Her petitions were answered with a peace that allowed Rita to enter the monastery of St. Mary Magdalen.  For 40 years, Sister Rita spent her time in prayer and charity, and working for a lasting peace in the region.  She was devoted to the Passion, and prayed to suffer as Christ did.  In response, by a crown of thorns, and which bled for 15 years.  Because she saw her dreams denied and fulfilled through faith and prayer, St. Rita is the patron of desperate and seemingly impossible situations.

Feast Day: May 22

Exclusively by Roman

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I am very pleased with my order.

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The service I received was outstanding considering that I ordered another item from a store similar in which I've yet to receive even though I ordered on the same day. I'm also very pleased with my St. Rita statue, it's made very well and includes a prayer card, along with being packaged in a way that makes me want to keep the packaging.

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