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St. Therese Statue 3.5"

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3 1/2"


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About this St. Therese Statue 3.5"

This St. Thérèse statue may only be 3.5" tall but the impact of the life of this saint is simply huge. We ask for St. Therese's intersession for all of our problems in life. Many associate the rose with this most beloved saint.

  • St. Thérèse is the patron saint of missionaries, aviators and France.
  • This is statue is sold along with a St. Thérèse prayer card.
  • The gift box contains a prayer to St. Thérèse the front and the story of St. Thérèse on the back.

Her Prayer

Prayer to St. Thérèse

St. Thérèse, the Little
Flower, please pick me a
rose from the heavenly
garden and send it to me
with a message of love.
Ask God to grant the
favor I thee implore and
tell Him I will love Him
each day more and more.

Say 5 Our Fathers
5 Hail Mary's
5 Glory Be's

Exclusively by Roman

Her Story

St. Thérèse of Lisieux
The Little Flower
(1873 - 1897)

St. Thérèse, affectionately called 'The Little Flower', is one of the most popular of the modern saints.  Countless stories exist of the faithful receiving a rose unexpectedly to signal that their prayer to St. Therese will be answered.

St. Thérèse promised during her life that she would spend her heaven doing good upon earth, and that she would let a shower of roses fall from heaven, meaning miracles and favors from God.

Only 24 years old when she died as a Carmelite nun in France, she had an accomplished life nonetheless.  She sought during her life to find the quickest way to God.  What she discovered she published in her book 'A Story of a Soul'.  She believed that by offering little sacrifices to God, as well as humility, love and daily prayer, one could quickly increase in holiness.  She thought that anyone who loved God could become holy.

Because of her great insight, only 28 years after her death she was canonized a saint.  Recently, Pope John Paul II named her Doctor of the Church.  St. Therese is one of only thirty three others in the history of the church to be given this honor.

Feast Day: October 1

Exclusively by Roman

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It is difficult to find a statue of St. Therese near me. I like this statue and the story box is good.

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