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Church Size Nativity Set 39" Scale

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39" Scale


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About this Church Size Nativity Set 39" Scale

This stunning Christmas nativity set is grand in everyway and will make for an impressive church nativity scene or a nativity meant for large public viewing. Set includes all 7 pieces as shown including Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, the Three Kings, and the Shepherd Boy. From its sheer size, the royal colors, the fine facial expressions and quality sculpting, this set is truly an investment to last for decades.

The nativity can be purchased either as a complete set as shown in the main product image, or as individual pieces. The configuration priced here includes the following pieces;

  • The Holy Family (Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus)
  • The Three Kings
  • The Shepherd & Lamb

Included in this set:

Approx. Weight
24½" H 16" W 13½" D
12.5 lbs
38" H 17" W 14" D
24 lbs
Baby Jesus
10½" H 13" W 9½" D
5 lbs
African Wise Man
37" H x 19¾" W x 17½" D
34 lbs
Praising Wise Man
39¼" H x 18¾" W x 18½" D
36.2 lbs
Kneeling Wise Man
24" H x 15½" W x 19"
16.5 lbs
Shepherd Boy
39" H x 13" W x 11" D
19 lbs

Additional pieces in the same scale can be purchased including a Gloria Angel, camel, sheep, a lamb, a donkey and an ox.

Additional Pieces (NOT included):

Approx. Weight
Gloria Angel
41" H 31" W 15" D
35 lbs
21" H 36" W 15" D
24.2 lbs
19.5" H 27" W 15" D
13.2 lbs
15.5" H x 27" W x 15" D
15 lbs
12.25" H x 12.25" W x 5.5" D
4 lbs

NOTE: This is a resin statue. In freezing snow and rain it is advised to cover the statue with a tarp or take indoors. As with any resin statue, they are prone to cracking in icy conditions. We are not responsible for any weather-related damage.

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