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Sterling Silver Child's Keepsake Rosary 3mm

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About this Sterling Silver Child's Keepsake Rosary 3mm

We love this rosary because it's the perfect size for a Communion age child to pray with but would also make a wonderful Baptism keepsake gift!  

It is made of all sterling silver with a very petite 3mm bead.  The beads are all a uniform size, round in shape and have a smooth surface. PLEASE REMEMBER, A ROSARY IS NOT A TOY.

The unique matte finished oval shaped centerpiece displays an image of the Miraculous and on the back are the "M" and Miraculous symbols.  The very ornate matte finished crucifix has budded tips and elegant etching throughout.  

  • Five decade rosary features beads that are 3mm smooth round and all sterling silver.
  • The centerpiece, crucifix and findings are all made of sterling silver.
  • Crucifix Dimensions are 1" x 3/4".  Centerpiece Dimensions are 7/16" x 5/16". Total length is 11 1/2".
  • All components of this rosary are made in the USA. 
  • Comes in a teal blue velvet rosary box.
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