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Men's St. Benedict Black Wood Rosary 7mm

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About this Men's St. Benedict Black Wood Rosary 7mm

You'll be so pleased with the St. Benedict black wood rosary for a few reasons.  Let's start with the fact that the rosary is very lightweight and has a wonderful hand feel as your fingers work their way acoss the beads.  The beads themselves are a rectangular shape and are 7mm in size which is ideal as a man's rosary.  The crucifix has black enamel inlay a silvertone corpus and the St. Benedict medallion on the back and front.  The centerpiece echos the crucifix in that it too has the round St. Benedict medallion.

Rosary is 24" in length.  The crucifix measures 2" H x 1" W and the centerpiece is approximately 1/2" diameter.  Is packaged in a clear plastic rosary case with hinge closure.

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4.86Rated 4.86 from 29 reviews
5 04/24/2024 - Verified Customer

An excellent rosary at a great price point. I love shopping at Catholic Faith Store, they really have the best customer service.

5 08/18/2023 - Verified Customer

All steps went as efficiently as anyone can ask. Thanks.

5 10/22/2022 - Verified Customer

Beautifuly made black wooden rosary beads. Perfect for a teenage boy! Thank you! I will order again from you. K.Donnelly

5 08/27/2022 - Verified Customer

I wanted bigger beads; smaller ones kept sliding through my fingers

5 07/12/2022 - Verified Customer

Gorgeous rosary with bigger beads than 'normal' beads.

4 06/24/2022 - Verified Customer

offer this in 4mm if possible

5 05/24/2022 - Verified Customer
5 04/06/2022 - Verified Customer
5 01/20/2022 - Verified Customer

High quality product and wonderful prompt service

5 01/01/2022 - Verified Customer
5 10/16/2021 - Verified Customer

The rosaries were excellent and were exactly as detailed on the site. I love them and used them immediately. They arrived earlier than I expected and just in time to be given to my daughter and neice. I had no idea to whom the third one would be gifted, but my neice and God child arrived for a visit just as they arrived. She is a flight attendant. At that moment, I knew that God had chosen her as the recipient. I had shopped for those roseries for hours. I saw many, but was really driven away as I read reviews that described it as a necklace. I could not purchase from those sites. They had a responsibility to let their shoppers know the religious significance of the piece. It was absolutely beautiful. I keep mine in bed with me. It is not jewelry to me, so I cannot share a photo. I visited the site to give a review, but had some difficulty.

5 07/07/2021 - Verified Customer
5 12/19/2020 - Verified Customer
5 12/03/2020 - Verified Customer

The Rosary was as published and exceeded my expectations.

5 10/08/2020 - Verified Customer
5 05/13/2020 - Verified Customer

very happy, thanks.

5 10/29/2019 - Verified Customer

Solid wood and metal with market competitive pricing. The best rosary I have found in ten years online. Thank You.

5 09/24/2019 - Verified Customer

The new rosary is perfect, and just as described online. It fits well into the new case also. I couldn't have asked for better service on this purchase.

5 01/24/2019 - Verified Customer

Arrived earlier than expected. I'm very pleased with the quality.

5 01/04/2019 - Verified Customer

Very good quality, careful and delicate artistry.

4 09/28/2018 - Verified Customer
5 08/10/2018 - Verified Customer

Was looking for the right gift and this was it.

5 12/22/2017 - Verified Customer

Bought this for a young man in his 20's. Lightweight and beautiful.

5 12/15/2016 - Verified Customer

This is a nice lightweight rosary that I'm sure my dad will love praying with.

5 12/06/2016 - Verified Customer
3 10/16/2015 - Verified Customer
5 01/01/2015 - Verified Customer

The rosary beads were given as a gift and were greatly appreciated. They are truly beautiful.

5 08/03/2014 - Verified Customer
5 07/26/2014 - Verified Customer

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