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Brown Ribbon | Light Cover Regular Deluxe Magnificat Magazine Leather Cover

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SKU: DSC0001

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About this Brown Ribbon | Light Cover Regular Deluxe Magnificat Magazine Leather Cover

What better way to protect your Regular Print Magnificat magazine than to protect it with this unique leather cover?

Each cover is uniquely handcrafted from high quality saddlery leather in the USA within the Foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

This cover will protect your Magnificat and will make your magazine one of a kind!

  • Genuine saddlery leather
  • Each Cover is Unique
  • Regular Cover Measurements: 5"W x 7.25"H
  • Choice of Ribbon Color; White, Brown, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, or Black 
  • Choice of Leather Color; Sandy, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, or Red-Brown
  • Handmade in the USA

If you need a new subscription to the Magnificat Spiritual Magazine go to SKU #MAG0001

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Read Eighteen Brown Ribbon | Light Cover Regular Deluxe Magnificat Magazine Leather Cover Reviews

4.94Rated 4.94 from 18 reviews
5 09/20/2019 - Verified Customer

good service good fit keeps soft cover and thin pages neat and in order, easy to keep at hand. Love the ribbon book marks and can add additional..

5 01/02/2019 - Verified Customer

This was perfect! I got this for my mom for Christmas as a replacement for one I'd gotten her nearly ten years ago (or around about) that was beginning to fall apart. She loved it! Thank you for offering such a high quality item! My hope is that you'll still be offering this item when I need to replace it again for her in another ten years or so. Thank you!

5 09/26/2018 - Verified Customer

Good Quality

5 05/23/2018 - Verified Customer

Love it!!!!! There are no plain covers for the Magnificat size book except this one. I use Give Us This Dat and I don’t want a cover that says Magnificat on it.

5 03/13/2018 - Verified Customer
5 03/01/2018 - Verified Customer

Beautiful, sturdy cover.

5 01/31/2018 - Verified Customer

5 out of 5 for being exactly what it said it was.

5 12/12/2017 - Verified Customer

It’s exactly what I was looking for. It’s great quality.

5 09/27/2017 - Verified Customer
5 04/27/2017 - Verified Customer

Love this cover and it keeps my subscription nice.

5 04/13/2017 - Verified Customer

Love this! It's beautiful and sturdy!

5 04/06/2017 - Verified Customer

Thank you

5 02/22/2017 - Verified Customer

This is a gorgeous cover! My Magnificat fits beautifully inside, and I also keep my Padre Pio Rosary Novena booklet in the front as well as some prayer cards. The price is excellent and the quality is superb!

4 01/06/2017 - Verified Customer
5 12/03/2016 - Verified Customer

Very sturdy. Great cover for the Magnificat. It is almost like a hard book cover. Would recommend to anyone looking for good protection for the Magnificat!

5 07/23/2016 - Verified Customer

Excellent cover for my magazine.

5 06/17/2016 - Verified Customer

This cover is very attractive, and seems to be of good quality. I have been very happy with it and would recommend it highly.

5 06/08/2016 - Verified Customer

Only wish the ribbon markers were a tad longer.