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Oval St. Barbara Pewter Medal with Prayer Card

Gift Wrap Available
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7/8" x 1/2"



About this Oval St. Barbara Pewter Medal with Prayer Card

This vibrant St. Barbara prayer card comes with an oval St. Barbara pendant which shows a wonderful image of St. Barbara holding rosary beads and praying. The St. Barbara pendant has the following features;

  • The pendant is oval shaped.
  • The medallion made of durable non-tarnishing pewter.
  • The medal is paired with an 18 inch lite curb chain made of stainless steel with a clasp closure.
  • The center of the medallion shows an image of St. Barbara posed in prayer. 
  • The pendant has a raised outer border which reads SAINT BARBARA PRAY FOR US.
  • The back of the medal is plain.
  • The pendant measures 7/8" h x 1/2"w.
  • The medallion is made in the USA.

The prayer card measures 4.5" x 2.5" and is laminated for durability.  On the front of the card is a vibrant  image of St. Barbara in a flowing read cape where she holds a chalice, sword and palms. The back of the card has a prayer to St. Barbara.

Back of Prayer Card Text:

Saint Barbara, your courage is much
stronger than the forces of hurricanes
and the power of lightening. Be always 
by our side so that we, like you, may 
face all storms, wars, trials and 
tribulations with the same fortitude
with which you faced yours. 

O Beautiful Maiden once imprisoned in a 
high tower, protect us from the lightning
and fire that rages in the sky and the 
discord of war. Keep us alert and protect
us from the dangers that surround us. 

Holy Mary Mother of Jesus intercessor
for us all; we pray to assure receiving of
the Sacraments of Penance and Holy
Eucharist at the hour of our death.
Through Jesus Christ Our Lord, 



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Read One Oval St. Barbara Pewter Medal with Prayer Card Review

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5 05/29/2020 - Verified Customer

It is just what was needed. A young man from our parish is entering the US Army and going into the artillery. The medals and cards are for him and his mother.


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