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Marriage Certificate for Catholic Church

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8" x 10"



About this Marriage Certificate for Catholic Church

An elegant Wedding Certificate perfect for any church or Catholic parish to bestow upon the married couple. It includes a wedding ceremony, two golden rings, and the lovely fleur de list border.

  • Quantity: Box of 50 Certificates with 50 Envelopes
  • Certificate Measurements: 8" x 10"
  • Material: cardstock
  • Includes: 50 white paper envelopes

Certificate Reads:
"...and two shall become one" Ephesians 5:31
Certificate of Marriage
This is to Certify that
(insert name)
and (insert name)
were United in Marriage
on the ___ day of ___(insert date)
with ____ officiating (priest name)
at (insert church name)
at (insert church address)
in the Presence of ____ (insert witness name)
____ (insert witness name)
Signature / Date