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St. Patrick Prayer 4x6 Mosaic Plaque

SKU: HFA5104



4" W x 6" H



About this St. Patrick Prayer 4x6 Mosaic Plaque

Gold Foil Mosaic tile design double-sided prayer plaque with an image of Saint Patrick on one side and a Prayer to Glorious, Saint Patrick on the other. There are gold foil accents throughout which add an element of elegance to this plaque. The smaller 4" by 6" size makes it easy to display in many areas of your home or workplace.

  • Material: Wood Plaque
  • Style: Double-sided Gold Foil Mosaic design
  • Display Options: Has a Wall Hanging Option - pictured easel is not included.
  • Size: 4" x 6"
  • Origin: Made in Italy
  • Packaging: Comes Shrink Wrapped
  • SHIPPING: Can take up to 2 Weeks

Please note: If the product image does not display a prayer it is not included.

Prayer Reads:
Hail, Glorious
St. Patrick
Hail, glorious St. Patrick!
we honor your name,
Tho' Erin may claim you,
the world knows your fame.
The faith of our fathers is our
treasure too.
How holy the thought,
that they learned it from you.
Thru crosses and trials its fires
burn bright,
They show us the way,
and the truth, and the light,
Great Saint!
Intercede, that we always may be
devoted and loyal,
true children of yours.
Our love and devotion
be ever like yours,
Our thought be of Jesus,
our heart be His Shrine.
And when to the end of life's path
we have trod,
Be near us great Bishop,
Anointed of God.

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