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#170 Frame Saint Jude 19x27 Framed Print Artboard

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SKU: HFA5171

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24" W x 31" H



About this #170 Frame Saint Jude 19x27 Framed Print Artboard

A church-sized artwork print featuring the traditional image of Saint Jude in green and white robe holding the medallion of Christ and flame above his head. This quality print is mounted onto textured artboard for a canvas like look and feel. Works well for Churches, Schools, Hospitals and even in homes where there is a large wall space. Choose from two frame options: Antique Gold-leaf Finish or Natural Walnut with Gold Trim. Overall dimension with print and frame is 24 inches by 31 inches.

  • Artwork Print: 19" x 27" Textured Artboard Print. Canvas look and feel.
  • Frame Size: 24" x 31" | Frame Width: 2-1/4" both frame options are the same size
  • Frame Option #170: Antique Gold-Leaf Frame with Rope Detailing
  • Frame Option: #172: Natural Walnut Finished Frame with Fluted Detail
  • Display Options: Includes Wall Hanging option at the back
  • Packaging: Comes boxed
  • Art Origin: Artwork Designed and Printed in Italy
  • Frame: Made in China
  • Assembled in: Artwork Assembled in USA

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