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Round St. Brigid of Ireland Medal with Prayer Card

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3/4" Diameter



About this Round St. Brigid of Ireland Medal with Prayer Card

This round St. Brigid of Ireland medal comes with a wonderful Prayer Card. The St. Brigid medallion displays a wonderful image of St. Brigid holding a staff in your arm as she holds a beautiful cross close to her heart. This St. Brigid pendant has the following features;

  • The medal is made of durable non-tarnishing pewter.
  • The pendant displays an image of St. Brigid.
  • The medallion has a raised outer border with the words SAINT BRIGID PRAY FOR US.
  • The back of the pendant is plain.
  • The medal measures 3/4" in diameter.
  • The medallion comes on a 18" stainless steel lite curb chain with clasp closure.
  • The medal is made in the USA.

The St. Brigid prayer card measures 4.5" x 2.5" and is laminated for durability.  On the front of the card is a lovely full color image of St. Brigid of Ireland.  At the bottom of the prayer card are the words Saint Brigid of Ireland.  The back of the card has a prayer to St. Brigid.

Back of Prayer Card Text:
St. Brigid
Everything that Brigid would ask of the
Lord was granted her at once.  For this was
her desire: to satisfy the poor, to expel every
hardship, to spare every miserable man.
Now there never hath been anyone more
bashful or more modest or more gentle or
more humble or more discerning or more
harmonious than Brigid.  In the sight of
other people she never washed her hands or
her feet or her head.  She never looked at the
face of man.  She never spoke without
blushing.  She was abstemious, innocent,
prayerful, patient: she was glad in God's
commandments: she was firm, humble,
forgiving, loving: she was a consecrated
casket for keeping Christ's body and His
blood; she was a temple of God.  Her heart
and her mind were a throne of rest for the
Holy Ghost.  She was single-hearted
(towards God): she was compassionate
toward the wretched; she was splendid in
miracles and marvels: wherefore her name
among created things is Dove among birds,
Vine among trees, Sun among stars...She is
the prophetess of Christ: she is the Queen of
the South: she is the Mary of Gael.
St. Brigid Please Pray For Us.


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